Warehouse & Distribution Services


Pallets & Loose Cartons Warehousing Services

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Services Includes:

Rack System / Security System / Lift truck / Forklift / Weighing machine / Administration work

Management charge / Administration materials / Cargo handling in & out / Updating inventory report

Daily normal picking & packing / Handling in (checking & sorting) / Cargo Insurance for fire & building

Monthly inventory report (Once a Month)

20FT / 40FT stuffing & un-stuffing of container (Palletized & Non Palletized)

Trucking stuffing & un-stuffing on truck (Palletized & Non Palletized)

Labelling on pallet & cartons (Provided by customer) / Generating of D/O & Invoice (Up to 5/15/30 sets Daily)

Basic packaging material (Shrink wrap & Packing tapes)

Supply of Used Plastic Pallet / Supply of Used wooden Pallet (For non-palletized container)




For all goods stored in our warehouse we provide local distribution delivering from daily deliveries to ad-hoc deliveries.

For goods stored in 3PL warehouse, we provide local distribution delivering only for fixed daily deliveries.

We would use various kinds of vehicles ranging from Motorcycles, Van, 10FT / 14FT / 20FT / 24FT trucks to complete the daily trips based on the volume of each destination.

We have handled deliveries to Industrial Estates, Residential Estates, Super Markets & Shopping Malls.

All deliveries allocated to us would be completed within the same day. Number of trips may vary depending on size of vehicle and volume of goods.


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